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Seoul Trick Eye Museum - Things to See in Seoul, Close to Guesthouse


Open Hours
Everyday, 9am to 9pm
Ticket Price TrickEye + Ice Museum: 15,000 won (adult), 12,000 won (18 or under)
Location Hongik University Station (Line 2, Yongsan Line, Airport Railway), 15-minute walk from our guesthouse
TrickEye Museum Official Website

A Perfect Getaway Attraction in Cold Winter and Rainy Days in Seoul!

It has been so cold in Seoul recently, so Twin Rabbit Guesthouse thought it would be great to share some information about interesting indoor places that are worth paying a visit.

Among the many beautiful galleries and museums in Seoul, we can say that the most popular one is the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae, which is only available in Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
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Seoul Trick Eye Museum has a collection of artworks that create illusion in your eyes to make 2-dimension art pieces look like 3D. Our staffs have visited this place and here are some photos we took!

Instead of just looking the paintings, unleash your creativity and pose with them! Make sure you have plenty of space on your memory card and battery fully charged because you will end up taking so many photos to share on Facebook and Instagram! = D
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Only 15-minute walk away! Click above to see the walking directions from Twin Rabbit Guesthouse to Trick Eye Museum! (Korean)